Increase the productivity of your meetings with easy-to use videoconferencing software designed for your room

  • Better Meetings
  • ·
  • Less Time-Wasting
  • ·
  • Increased Productivity
  • ·
  • More Results

Monitor and manage rooms at scale

Centralize conference room management

Set room alerts and notifications

Operate with existing video systems

In Person & Remote Meetings Are Easier Than Ever Before

Why Installing a VideoConferencing System in Your Room is a Game Changer

    • Transform your space. No customized hardware required.
    • Host Meetings easily between virtual and in person participants as if everyone were in the same room.
    • Safely help employees re-enter the office. Zoom Rooms create workspaces that minimise touching of shared resources.
    • Cut the clutter and cords out of Conference Rooms.
    • Maximise the productivity of your meetings. Less time wasting and get straight to the important tasks.
    • Optimized for every space. Don’t worry about your room size – Zoom Rooms can scale video to any location.
    • One touch to join. You can quickly and easily join meetings with the touch of a button.
    • Efficient Collaboration through tools like Interactive white boarding with screen sharing and annotation.

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