Meritec Zoom Rooms

We specialise in providing Zoom Rooms devices for shared collaboration spaces such as

  • Focus & Executive Rooms
  • Huddle Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Training Rooms

Monitor and manage rooms at scale

Centralized conference room management

Set Room alerts

Interoperate with existing video systems

Why Choose Meritec For Zoom Rooms

  • We can design and install 1 room or multiple rooms. Whatever you require.
  • Trusted Supplier We work closely with the leading manufactures such as Creston, CISCO, Polycom, Samsung, Epson SHURE and Extron.
  • Over 20 years AV Experience Advanced Technical Expertise and knowledge of Zoom Rooms installation.
  • Provider of tailor made solutions specific to your set-up. As every room and set-up is unique – we adapt to YOUR requirements.
  • Go to AV Providers for Enterprise level clients in various locations across the country. (This includes experience in working directly with Corporate and Public Sector end users and through the Construction Process).
  • Service and Support. We offer same day and next day response times to ensure your Zoom Rooms are kept up and running in the event of an issue on site.
  • We focus on quality driven results. We don’t settle for anything else.


+353 01 281 2790

Some of Our Certified Solutions are highlighted below:

Creston Zoom

Zoom makes it easier than ever to scale video to every room. From all-in-one kits and devices for your huddle rooms to customized A/V systems for your training rooms, combine Zoom’s cloud platform with the hardware that best fits your need.

  • One solution: Zoom software natively integrated into Crestron hardware
  • One consistent experience: Engineered to deliver flawless video, crystal clear audio and instant sharing
  • One touch simplicity
  • One connection: 24/7 support

Creston Flex M Series

Hours of preparation goes into every meeting. Hundreds of hours of engineering expertise go into making those meetings flawless. Last minute meetings, global team huddles, boardroom strategy sessions start with a touch. Every element is heard and seen–every participant, every piece of the richest content.

  • This all in one device allows you to hear the richest content and best ideas.
  • 360-degree quad array microphone with a 20 feet range and isolated acoustics – every voice at every seat of the table is heard.
  • 4k camera gives you full picture and focus. Dynamic light optimization, auto white balance, automatic lossless digital zoom intelligently frames around participants.
  • A proprietary flex button connects you to advance options.

Poly Studio

With Poly Studio you can see and hear everyone clearly, and converse naturally. Simple USB connectivity gets up and running fast, keeps the technology in the background and you in the foreground, and provides a business-class solution to everybody working in a huddle room. It’s time to raise the bar for video conferencing—it’s time for Poly Studio.

  • Group framing and automatic speaker tracking – the connection feels personal picking up on all the nuances of body language.
  • Easy to Manage. The cloud-based management tools let IT push software updates and make settings changes without you ever having to leave your desk.
  • Ideal for huddle room deployment.
  • Acoustic Fence keeps voices outside the room from interrupting your calls.